Bill Gates’ Ruthless Management Style of Yore

These days Bill Gates is known primarily as the benevolent overseer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic vehicle through which the world’s richest man (estimated net worth: $56 billion) tackles poverty and disease and seeks to improve education. But back in the early days of Microsoft, Gates was known as a fearsome manager. “I worked … Continue reading Bill Gates’ Ruthless Management Style of Yore

Nestle Launches Global Maternity-Protection Policy

Besides its popular, branded products, employees at Nestle have something else to brag about – the company’s new maternity leave policy. The global food and beverage company recently announced that it is more than doubling paid and unpaid maternity leave for employees worldwide. For employees in its seven US operating companies, the benefit will kick … Continue reading Nestle Launches Global Maternity-Protection Policy

Do Parental Policies Work for Working Moms?

For employers, the idea behind adopting family-friendly policies is pretty straightforward: to help workers with children juggle the demands of home and work. And, while such policies might often be successful in that regard, there may also be some unintended consequences for the employees who take advantage of them—particularly mothers. The New York Times’ Claire … Continue reading Do Parental Policies Work for Working Moms?

FMLA Update Redefines ‘Spouse’

And the reverberations of the United States v. Windsor decision continue to be felt. The U.S. Department of Labor announced yesterday that workers in legal, same-sex marriages—regardless of where they live—will now have the same rights as those in opposite-sex marriages to federal job-protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act to care for … Continue reading FMLA Update Redefines ‘Spouse’

Want to Work with Mad Men?

To celebrate the new season of Mad Men, (quite possibly the highest-quality TV series of all time, in this blogger’s humble opinion) the AMC Web site now offers an interactive “job interview” so fans can see how well (or not) they’d fit in with the mad men (and women) at the newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ad agency. Take the … Continue reading Want to Work with Mad Men?

Empty Nesters’ Emptying Coffers

Full disclosure: I’m a softy when it comes to helping my grown kids. I frequently find myself opening my wallet more than I should, especially during this “giving” holiday. Not that they ask for it, just that I see needs in these lives I cherish, always have, and am probably quicker than most to contribute to the cause. So I’ve been nagged ever … Continue reading Empty Nesters’ Emptying Coffers

The EEOC Enforcement Agenda

Earlier this week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued its updated enforcement guidance on national origin discrimination. (The EEOC also issued two resource documents to accompany the guidance: a Q & A publication on the guidance document and a small business fact sheet designed to illustrate the guidance’s chief points in plain language, according to … Continue reading The EEOC Enforcement Agenda

Being a Black Professional Woman

I’m probably wrong going into this: posting something about what it’s like to be a black woman in corporate America when I’m white. I probably don’t get extra points for being a member of a mixed-race family either. In today’s hypersensitive, hyper-volatile, racially divisive environment, I tend to shy away from my biracial nephew’s political Facebook posts and … Continue reading Being a Black Professional Woman

The Democratic Party Platform: A Cheat Sheet

Turnabout is fair play — at least when it comes to politics in 2016. Last week I gave you a rundown on HR-related provisions in the Republican Party platform. Now it’s time for the Democrats. Reflecting the unusual character of this year’s race, the document — formally approved on Monday — contains many direct attacks … Continue reading The Democratic Party Platform: A Cheat Sheet

Wait … Work Is Good for Your Health?

A comprehensive survey of American workers this week offered some predictable findings about health and employment. But there are some happy surprises as well. Perhaps most interesting was a finding that 28 percent of workers said their job was good for their overall health. That’s considerably more than the 16 percent who said it was bad.  (The rest, a slight majority, said … Continue reading Wait … Work Is Good for Your Health?