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Repeal of Healthcare Reform Unlikely

As unpopular as the healthcare-reform bill is with a majority of the public, it’s unlikely it will be repealed, says Mike Aiten, director of governmental affairs for the Society for Human Resource Management.

He says some technical changes may occur through the regulatory process to deal “with some of the challenges,” but that, no matter how well the Republicans do in the mid-term elections, it’s doubtful they will garner enough seats to override a presidential veto if they go ahead and repeal the law.

At the same time, SHRM’s polls of HR professionals found that only 2 percent of employers plan to drop their healthcare  coverage as a result of the new law. Nearly half (46 percent) of those surveyed said coverage would not be dropped — and of them, one-third made that decision without even doing any analysis.

Deb Cohen, SHRM’s vice president of knowledge development, says the knee-jerk decision was due to employer fears of lower morale and lower job satisfaction, the need to be competitive with other employers and an unwillingness to have workers think that their employers are not concerned about their health.