Pay Equity for Lower Ranks Only

We’ve been focusing, along with the rest of the media, on gender pay equity and wage gaps for some time now. (Witness searches on  this HRE Daily site and our magazine website,, alone.) But this latest study from the Academy of Management that’s going into the February issue of the Academy of Management Journal shows something we’ve never reported on: … Continue reading Pay Equity for Lower Ranks Only

A Groundbreaking New Pay Equity Law

Beginning July 1, 2018, employers in Massachusetts will be prohibited from asking job candidates about their salary history before offering them a job or asking candidates’ former employers about their pay. The new law, the Pay Equity Act, is designed to reduce the pay disparities between men and women in the workplace. Although other states (including … Continue reading A Groundbreaking New Pay Equity Law

Taking On Banks Over Gender Pay

Figured the day before Equal Pay Day (that’s right, that’s tomorrow!) would be a perfect time to tell you about a pretty interesting teleconference I sat in on recently. The topic, you guessed it, was gender-pay equity. Two women — Natasha Lamb, managing director and lead filer of gender-pay resolutions for Arjuna Capital, and Former Lt. Gov. of … Continue reading Taking On Banks Over Gender Pay

Googlers Pass on Massive Payouts

Can you have too much of a good thing? A handful of Googlers working on the company’s self-driving car project seem to think so. The Mountain View, Calif.-based tech giant’s car unit—which in December 2016 spun off into a standalone business known as Waymo—has seen staffers exiting in noteworthy numbers, and walking away from potentially … Continue reading Googlers Pass on Massive Payouts

Commemorating Equal Pay Day

OK, so it may not be the most celebratory of occasions on the year’s calendar, but it is nonetheless well worth an HRE Daily post to acknowledge the persistent pay gap that has plagued women ever since joining the workforce many decades ago. To that end, just posted a piece this morning titled “Pay … Continue reading Commemorating Equal Pay Day

CEOs Pay the Price for Scandal

Whether it’s a companywide pattern of unseemly actions or one rogue employee’s dirty deeds, corporate misconduct happens. And, when it does, the chief executive has to answer for it. Theoretically, anyway. But how do you hold CEOs accountable for ethical breaches—and deter future lapses—that occur on their watch? One way is to hit them in the … Continue reading CEOs Pay the Price for Scandal

Marking National Equal Pay Day

In honor of National Equal Pay Day, President Obama is set to sign two executive orders later today. According to this CBS News report, one of the executive orders will prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss their salaries, while the other will mandate that the Labor Department collect data on the compensation for federal contract … Continue reading Marking National Equal Pay Day

Employers and Salary-History Bans

When it comes to achieving pay equity in the workplace, employers apparently aren’t sold on the idea that banning salary-history questions from the interview process will be effective in achieving that goal. A new survey by the Hay Group division of Korn Ferry shows that 65 percent of executives at 108 companies believe their organizations … Continue reading Employers and Salary-History Bans

Improving Diversity Through Tech

HR technology vendors are adopting artificial intelligence and other new tools to help organizations deal with the seemingly intractable problem of improving workforce diversity and inclusiveness. Both established technology vendors and start-ups have launched AI and machine learning-powered features or services that bolster customers’ efforts to be more inclusive, including masking job candidates’ gender, making … Continue reading Improving Diversity Through Tech