Your Job’s ‘Automation Potential’

In case you’ve ever laid awake at night and wondered about the question in this post’s headline, fear not: the McKinsey Global Institute recently released an interactive graphic that shows how much potential specific jobs have for becoming automated in the future.

McKinsey analyzed the detailed work activities of more than 750 jobs in the United States to “estimate the percentage of time that could be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technology.”

According to Fast Company’s take on the McKinsey, graphic, “filling machine operators, dredge operators, medical appliance technicians, graders of agricultural products, sewing machine operators are all 100% automatable, according to McKinsey.

“Also highly automatable are butchers and meat cutters, bakers, bus mechanics and laundry workers. Security guard jobs are 40% automatable (note, this is already happening). And computer system analysts are only 28% automatable. Amongst the least automatable jobs, according to the analysis, are those in PR, legal services, accountancy, and grounds-keeping.”

For those of you wondering just how “automatable” HR jobs are, the graphic illustrates that HR assistants (with the exception of payroll and timekeeping) are 51 percent automatable, while HR specialists are 22 percent automatable and HR managers are 14 percent automatable.