The Companies Best-Loved by Interns

Glassdoor has just released its annual report on the 24 highest-rated companies hiring interns this year, based entirely on feedback from interns over the past year. No. 1 on this year’s list is Facebook, which knocked last year’s No. 1 — Google — down to No. 2.

Rounding out the top five were Qualcomm at No. 3, Schlumberger at No. 4 and Epic Systems at No. 5.

What makes these companies so popular for interns? “The culture is pretty awesome and has staying power … everyone is actually happy that the interns are there,” a Facebook software engineer intern reported. A Qualcomm intern had this to say:

Interns are automatically considered for return internship opportunities or a full time position. There are many career opportunities in Qualcomm HQ, employees are encouraged to explore areas that fit their passion.”

Glassdoor compiled the report from reviews posted by interns about their experiences working at companies over the past year. It also included some sample interview questions applicants have been asked during interviews for internships, and some of them are pretty amazing. Here are a few samples:

An apple costs 40 cents, a grapefruit costs 80 cents and an orange costs 60 cents. Under these circumstances, how much does a pear cost?” Epic Systems intern interview

“How many skis are sold in Sweden every year?” JPMorgan Chase intern interview.

“You have a bag of N strings, and at random, you pull out an end. You pull out another end and you tie the two ends together. You take another two string ends and tie them together. You repeat this until there are no loose ends left to pull out of the bag. What is the expected number of loops?” Facebook intern interview.

Based on that last question, I think we should all start taking Facebook very seriously now.