Sleep Problems and Work Injuries

Sleep  problems present a risk for work injuries and are a major occupational health  concern worldwide, and a new academic report published this month in Sleep Medicine Reviews has now “quantified the effect of sleep problems on work injuries.”

The report is based on a meta-analysis of 27 observational studies involving 268,332 participants and that provided 54 relative risk estimates.

The findings of the meta-analysis suggested that workers with sleep problems had a 1.62 times higher risk of being injured than workers without sleep problems  and “approximately 13% of work injuries could be attributed to sleep problems.”

The results of this most-recent look at the problems associated with sleep deficits in the work place are troubling, but they are in line with pieces we’ve published recently, including Carol Patton’s “Wake-Up Call” and Julie Cook Ramirez’ “Waking Up the Workplace.”