Letting Candidates ‘Tell Their Stories’

Video interviewing technology continues to be one of the more sizzling areas of HR technology, with more than a few employers (Async Interview, GreenJobInterview, HireVue, Interview Stream and Montage, among them) touting their solutions at the 16th Annual HR Technology Conference® expo. (Check out a feature we ran on this category earlier this year.) So it only seems fitting that at least one session on this year’s program would be entirely dedicated to the topic.

The session, titled “Hilton Checks-in with Digital Recruiting Technology” and presented by Hilton Vice President of Global Recruiting Randy Moses and HireVue CEO Mark Newman, focused on how Hilton was leveraging 140788100HireVue’s video interviewing platform to improve its hiring process.

As a high-touch business, Hilton has been looking for ways to create a better experience for job candidates going through Hilton’s recruitment process. Moses noted that video technology has enabled Hilton to do just that.

Throughout his presentation, Moses referenced video technology’s ability to let candidates “tell their stories.”

Moses noted that Hilton was specifically using video technology to hire college students and veterans. In the case of the latter, Hilton announced in August Operation: Opportunity, an initiative that includes the hiring of 10,000 veterans over the next five years.

“A college student or veteran isn’t going to have two years of hospitality experience,” Moses said. “But if you give them a chance to tell you their story, and someone is telling you they’re in charge of 2,000 meals a day on a ship, don’t you think that person might be qualified to run a food and beverage operation [at one of our hotels]? Absolutely!”

To help achieve its 10,000 veteran goal, Moses said, Hilton established a program that awards a two-night stay for veterans interviewing for a job.

Moses noted that Hilton is also using the technology to put the “human element back into the onboarding process.” Through the videos, he said, team members are able to learn more about the new hire during those critical first days of employment.

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  1. Very interesting article. Our Spark Hire team was also at HR Tech 2013 and being in the video interviewing space, it’s exciting to hear about the many different ways companies use this technology to connect with job seekers and hire deserving people who may not have been given the chance if employers just based their decision on a paper resume.. It’s also very encouraging to know that video interviewing is being utilized to improve onboarding practices. This proves the power of technology and how embracing it can lead to great things!

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