Here it Is! This Year’s CedarCrestone Survey

One of the more anticipated releases at each year’s HR Technology® Conference is the CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey, the labor of love compiled, collated, crunched and analyzed by Lexy Martin, CedarCrestone’s vice president of research and analytics. Though I wasn’t able to sit in on Lexy’s public debut of this year’s results at her session Monday, I can at the very least share this link from with you so you can download the white paper yourself.

200130798-001I’m also looking forward to interviewing Martin in a new venture HRE editors are undertaking at this year’s 16th annual conference in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay — videotaped interviews with analysts and experts we’ll be sharing down the road. Martin is considered by many to be the soothsayer of HR technology usage and spending trends based on her analysis of the subtleties of HR-systems use and trends she garners through her data.

Four trends she’s culled this year:

— A continued move from licensed HRMS solutions, run on premise or hosted, to SaaS cloud offerings. The big news in 2013, however, is that there are now more HRMS-replacement initiatives than upgrade initiatives under way! Initiatives frequently include moving to the cloud offering of the vendor currently in use, a change of vendor, as well as a thorough evaluation of the “cloud slate.”

— Strong adoption continues for social, mobile, and analytics solutions and organizations are achieving significant value from this adoption. Mobile-enabled HR processes will almost double by 2014!

— Integration between talent management solutions and the HRMS is a new holy grail that few are reaching. Unified solutions hold the highest promise of delivering real-time integration at the process level.

— User satisfaction with vendor solutions is the new battleground. Vendors with the newest products garner the highest scores, but respondents who are on the latest release of older products also report higher satisfaction and a much-improved user experience.

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