More Scrutiny on Screening (Again)

In the immediate aftermath of the latest workplace shooting rampage — this time, allegedly by a contractor with both mental issues and valid security clearances at the Washington Navy Yard — much has already been written about both the screening and security procedures in place at the time of the shootings (here and here) and the alleged shooter’s state of mind (here).

Just as these horrifying types of events have in the past, this latest incident has raised the call for more stringent screening procedures, by both employers and the subcontractors they work with, to ensure a safe working environment for all.

And, to be sure, they are calls to be heeded because robust screening procedures can be very effective in knocking out some of the most problematic candidates before they ever have a chance to get in the front door.

But, until that futuristic day comes when we can accurately predict the behavior and mindset of everyone before hiring them, we must mourn those who were killed Monday and try to content ourselves with a quote from the distant past (courtesy of Mark Twain):

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”