‘Avoid Meetings When Possible’

While that simple headline could easily serve as the best work advice any of us have ever received, it’s just one of the tidbits of advice on how to survive work as an introvert, courtesy of the Huffington Post:

Many workplace set ups undermine introverted employees by failing to accommodate their personalities and productivity styles — over-stimulation and excessive meetings can easily stunt their full brain power. One study showed that when introverts and extroverts are given math problems to solve with various levels of background noise playing, introverts do best when the noise is lower, while extroverts perform better with louder noise…

In addition to avoiding meetings when possible, Carolyn Gregoire, author of the post, lists other pieces of advice, including “making a daily ritual of checking in with co-workers” and “don’t be afraid to lead.”

After all, in this age of open-office design and 24/7 social media, it’s a good reminder that not every worker is a social butterfly.

Indeed, as one commenter put it: “Embracing diversity also means providing for introverts!”