Forbes Shows HR the Love

140102836What better way to start a new work week with than with words of praise about the human resource function from, of all places, Forbes?

Contributor Victor Lipman positively glows about HR, calling it the “by far the most valuable” organizational division he ever worked with during his career:


I never worked in HR but often worked with HR.   I never hesitated to call on them.  When faced with a challenging  job, which management invariably is, my philosophy was: Get all the help you reasonably can.   Bottom line, my Human Resources colleagues were a great help.

Lipman goes on to list four main reasons why he is so full of the HR love (and it’s not just because Hollywood’s current HR stereotype, Toby Flenderson from NBC’s “The Office,” will be looking for work after the show’s finale  May 16). From adroitly dealing with difficult employee issues to being “a sounding board” for all kinds of management issues, Lipman doles out the credit where it’s certainly due.

Read this, then get to work proving Lipman correct!