Twitterviews, Anyone?

Can a tweet be more important than the all-mighty resume?

According to this USA Today piece, the answer could be yes, and sooner than you may think:

Several tech-forward marketing companies are going where few have gone before: they’re ditching the résumé and the conventional job interview process for tweets. A simple tweet or two — sometimes called Twitterviews — can lead to a job.  In a nation where unemployment stands at 7.9%, how you tweet can now determine how employable you are.

The story mentions a few examples where such a novel hiring process was employed, but cautions that not every position will be available for such a hiring process. Says Jan Melnik, a career coach from Durham, Conn.:

“You won’t see a CEO — or a college professor — hired based on a tweet,” she says. Nor would she hire someone based solely on a tweet.  But, she laughs, “I would hire someone on  Skype.”