Can Humor Stop the Flu?

According to this piece, the answer is yes!

In the piece, Chelsea Rice, writing for Health Leaders Media, lists four ways healthcare organizations can raise their employees’ flu-shot compliance, including: motivation from above, peer pressure and something called “The Mask Alternative.”

But the one that really caught our attention (it must have hit our funny bone) was the fourth way: Humor.

The  most innovative way I’ve seen for increasing flu vaccine compliance comes from  an injection of humor in the provider community. If patient safety isn’t enough  to convince hospital workers to get vaccinated, humiliation via parody may get  the job done.

Zubin Damania, MD, a former hospitalist and the director of healthcare  development for a Downtown Las Vegas revitalization project, has created  hundreds of videos addressing public health education with humor. Here’s the flu  shot video he made for a company-wide meeting at Zappos last fall:

Who would have thought that the topic of flu-shot compliance could ever be this entertaining?