Top 12 for 2012

This time of year naturally calls for a looking back, and The Leader Board heeds it now.

To honor the momentous year of 2012, we have culled the archives in search of the top 12 most-viewed blog posts from our tireless staff.

The most popular posts, according to Google Analytics, cover a wide range of the HR space, from the dangers of coffee-making to IBM’s acquisition of Kenexa. Other popular posts touch on the deeper meaning of odd interview questions, which world city is the most expensive in which to live and some social-media do’s and don’ts that every good HR professional should know.

Without further ado, on to the list!

  1. Worker’s Coffee-Making Injury Not Compensable
  2. Hackett Study: Business Clients Highly Dissatisfied with HR
  3. IBM Acquires Kenexa, Shakes Up HR Software Space
  4. Job Seekers Vote on Best Job Boards
  5. Embracing the Odd Interview Question
  6. Deloitte Execs Not Impressed With Their Companies’ Talent Development
  7. A Difficult Interview
  8. HR Exec Fired for LinkedIn Profile
  9. World’s Most Expensive City Is . . .
  10. Social Media Do’s and Don’ts You’d Better Know
  11. Mulling Some Testy Background-Check Testimony
  12. Federal Judge Fry-ed Over Retailer’s Behavior

Here’s hoping 2013 is just as interesting (and bloggable) as 2012!