A Toast to the 17 Percent

It’s almost lunchtime on the last work day before Thanksgiving here in America, and it feels (and sounds) like I very well may be the only person working in this office today. I can’t even recall hearing a phone ring once this morning.

But my pity party is short-lived, as I just came across CareerBuilder’s annual Thanksgiving survey, which finds that 17 percent of more than 3,900 workers surveyed say they will be at work this Thanksgiving.

The survey reveals that hospitality workers are the most likely to be on the clock on Turkey Day, at 44 percent, followed by:

·         Retail – 31 percent

·         Transportation – 30 percent

·         Healthcare – 28 percent

·         Information Technology – 14 percent

So it seems appropriate to take this opportunity — on behalf of the 83 percent of workers who get to enjoy tomorrow’s festivities at home (myself included) — to simply say thanks to those 17 percent for showing up and doing their jobs.

After all, could you imagine a day in a world with no working public transportation, no emergency healthcare services and no IT workers around to keep our various and ubiquitous devices working?

Or, perhaps worse yet, no retail workers to process our pre-Black Friday purchases?

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!