Making Your Working Relationships Work

It’s probably fitting that this blog post by Brin McCagg on SourceCon comes to you through a long-standing friend and relation to Human Resource Executive®: Jeanne Achille, CEO and Founder of The Devon Group, based in New York.

I’m in her LinkedIn and Twitter networks, see, and found her tweet about the post on LinkedIn.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because McCagg’s post is all about relationships in this high-tech, social-media age and the priority that top-performing, successful companies are giving them when it comes to recruiting.

“Technology [and social media] is playing an increasingly large role on this front,” he writes, “with organizations relying on candidate-relationship-management platforms to keep in touch with prospective candidates, share new opportunities and offer other relevant information to build the company’s employment brand.”

What’s so good about his post is how straightforward and simple it is, heavy on the human touch, light on technology.

Like the importance of broadening your recruiting focus beyond the “once-and-done approach,” he writes, to make use of all the new tagging and tracking capabilities that can help you develop a talent pipeline and “keep your organization top-of-mind when a candidate is ready to make a job change.” (That’s under the subhead “Relationships are not disposable.”)

His other three sections, equally basic, sensible and indisputable, include:

  • “Relationships are participatory,” about the need for both candidates and recruiters to keep up with any and all status changes, unlike what is possible on standard applicant-tracking systems;
  • “Relationships require relevance,” about keeping the ones who don’t make the cut under your social-media wing for possible new functions that don’t even exist yet; and
  • “Relationships go beyond any single job opening” — basically, his argument for a single system to track applicants and manage relationships. As he puts it, “Tracking hires can support effective internal redeployment and referral programs. Staying in contact with all candidates ensures organizations have access to a widespread talent pool.”

Can you tell I liked the post? In my estimation, he’s addressing what really needs to be addressed around social recruiting. It’s all about the relationships.

As Gerry Crispin — recruiting guru, co-founder of CareerXroads, and yet another friend and relation of HRE — said when introducing his session, “Social Media Recruiting Technologies,” at our 2011 HR Technology® Conference: “It’s being said we are in the midst of a major Internet shift from content to relationship. What say you?”