Bad Hires Can “Rob” An Organization recently unveiled a survey that found more than two-thirds of businesses were affected by a bad hire within the last year. And courtesy of Headline News’ web site, we are presented with this tale of employee malfeasance:

An assistant manager allegedly hatched a plan to stage an armed robbery at his own grocery store in Chalmette, Louisiana, WDSU reports.

After the store closed Tuesday, the “robber” hit assistant manager Bryant Walker over the head with what appeared to be a handgun and made him open the store safe.

A few hours later, investigators concluded the dramatic robbery was really a hoax.

“[It] just didn’t feel right,” Sheriff-elect James Pohlmann said. “Based on the evidence our detectives found, I don’t know how the two of them thought they would get away with this.”

The robber ended up being a friend of Walker, Travis Nobles, police say. The dynamic duo are accused of planning the choreographed caper, but it all unraveled with the getaway vehicle.

Investigators say descriptions of a van that the assailant used to drive away from the scene of the crime matched a van owned by Walker, and an oil spot left at the scene matched one found on Walker’s home driveway. A toy water gun believed to be the “weapon” used in the fake attack was also found near the store.

Police say Walker eventually changed his tune and admitted the robbery was staged. Both men are charged with felony theft over $5,000. Investigators still haven’t found the money.

While the money has yet to be recoverd, you can bet that the good folks in the HR department at Winn-Dixie — which owns the supermarket where this all went down — will now be redoubling their efforts to prevent any more bad apples from slipping through the hiring process.


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