NLRB Extends Deadline for Poster Posting

Since I’ve been the one filling folks in here on the new National Labor Relations Board rule that private-sector employers must post notices letting employees know their rights to unionize, I thought it was incumbent upon me to make sure you all know you now have until Jan. 31, 2012, to tack those posters up, not Nov. 14, as previously reported.

The NLRB earlier this month put this notice out, saying it was postponing the date “to allow for enhanced education and outreach to employers … .”

It did not mention anything about the recent backlash from the private sector, nor the two lawsuits filed recently by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers that I posted about here last month. (This link will also take you to earlier posts with more reasoning behind the rule from the NLRB and a downloadable version of the poster.)

The agency, in this latest announcement, says its decision to extend the rollout period “followed queries from businesses and trade organizations indicating uncertainty about which businesses fall under the Board’s jurisdiction, and was made in the interest of ensuring broad voluntary compliance.”

“No other changes in the rule, or in the form or content of the notice, will be made,” it says.