SumTotal’s New Additions

More consolidation on the technology front earlier today with SumTotal Systems’ acquisitions of strategic workforce management and expense software maker CyberShift and HRMS supplier Accero (the former Cyborg Systems).

The moves come roughly two years after Vista Equity Partners took SumTotal private and one year after SumTotal acquired Softscape, a provider of talent-management software.

Lisa Rowan, program director for HR, learning and talent management strategies research at IDC, believes the “net new here is CyberShift,” since Vista already owned Accero. “Not to coin a phrase, but [SumTotal acquiring Accero] is like bringing together cousins here,” she says.

Considering the Softscape acquisition already gave SumTotal a recordkeeping component, Rowan observes, it’s probably not surprising SumTotal’s press release emphasizes Accero’s expertise in payroll and benefits and not those applications that overlap with Softscape’s suite.

And what about the CyberShift piece? In a post on the HR Technology® Conference LinkedIn group page, HR Technology columnist Bill Kutik wrote he’s heard Accero’s HRMS clients were “screaming for Workforce Management functionality as their #1 priority” and that “Accero was looking at acquiring CyberShift on its own before Vista decided to put them all together.”

No doubt more clarity on these deals in the coming days, including what SumTotal plans to do with CyberShift’s expense-management piece (one of a number of questions Rowan says she has).