Leading the Way … Out the Door?

Think the boss is looking for a new job? If so, then you’re apparently not alone. In a just released Right Management study, nearly half of the 793 North American employees surveyed said they think their bosses are either “definitely” (27 percent) or “probably” (21 percent) looking for a new job.

The survey doesn’t cite the specific signs that led employees to such a conclusion. Maybe it was that resume left on the copier? Or perhaps something a bit more subtle? But whatever the give away, I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised.

There’s been no shortage of surveys and stories (some appearing in HRE) predicting top talent will be jumping ship as the economy starts to pick up steam. So it only seems to make sense for bosses, many of whom have had a tough go over the past few years, to be leading the way out the door … or at least trying to.