NAHR and Charan Create Essay Contest

As any regular reader of HRE knows, we’ve touched more than a few times on the formidable challenge of attracting top talent to the HR profession. Well, while it’s not going to single-handedly solve that problem, it’s nice to see the National Academy of Human Resources and business adviser and author Ram Charan (who is also a Distinguished Fellow of the Academy and is sponsoring the effort) join forces to introduce an essay contest—appropriately named the Ram Charan HR Essay Contest—aimed at further advancing that important cause.

University undergrads and graduate students majoring in HR, industrial/labor relations or related fields are being invited to craft an essay on how HR strategies, policies and practices are contributing to global business competitiveness. Cash prizes of $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 will be awarded to the three best essays. The deadline for submissions is June 15.

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