High-Impact HR

This morning, the good folks at Bersin & Associates released a new report based on surveys and interviews at more than 720 global organizations, which finds that overall spending levels, organization structure and team size have far less impact on business performance than the skills of the HR professionals themselves.

The report, entitled The High-Impact HR Organization: Top 10 Best Practices on the Road to Excellence, is based on a two-year global benchmarking study that looked at 14 talent management and HR effectiveness measures across global businesses, and included a company’s ability to source the best talent, hire and onboard top candidates, identify and develop leaders, build a culture of learning, allocate compensation effectively and drive high performance through coaching and feedback.

“This research clearly shows that the days of bloated HR organizations focused on administrative tasks are over,” said company CEO and president Josh Bersin in a press release announcing the findings. ”

Among the findings, the report states that companies that empower key HR professionals to take on a “strategic business partner” role create HR teams that outperform the average HR organization by 25 percent or more.

It also found that companies that focus on modern tools for empowerment, including knowledge sharing, collaboration and social networking, are delivering twice the business improvement of those that focus on traditional HR strategies such as pay-for-performance or new HR information management systems.

The report also will become a foundational piece of research for the firm’s new HR Research Practice, which offers benchmarks, tools, case studies, operational frameworks and proven service models that define best-practice human resources organizations.

“This whole new practice takes an overarching approach in order to give a much bigger picture for our clients,” says Stacey Harris, director of strategic HR research at Bersin & Associates.

“The challenge for HR professionals today is living up to the high expectations that come with a seat at the table — expectations to drive business results through people and culture,” she says. “Our new HR Practice and this particular body of research reveal the keys to driving impact. We are also addressing long-standing requests by our members to help them prioritize and align their HR strategies with the business to deliver the greatest return.”

The link to an upcoming webinar featuring Stacey Harris introducing the new practice can be seen here: http://www.bersin.com/News/EventDetails.aspx?id=13550

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